Homework 1 - Making Plots in Blockpy

Due Monday (1/30) at 11:59pm

What I’d like you to do

Using the built-in datasets in blockpy (http://think.cs.vt.edu/blockpy/load),

  1. Make a blockpy program that generates three plots.
  2. Of those three plots, there should be at least two different kinds of plots. So, two scatterplots and a histogram is great. A histogram, a line plot, and a scatterplot is great. Three histograms is less than great.
  3. For each plot, write about 3–5 sentences about your experience making it. Try to answer questions like:
    • Is this data what I expected? (I thought it would be numbers, but it seems like it’s not.)
    • Do I see any patterns or relationships in this data? What are they?
    • Does this plot even make sense to me?
    • If this plot seems broken, how would I explain what’s broken?

What you should turn in

A document (could be a Word document, or just a plain .txt file) where:

  • You paste in the text code from your Blockpy program to make all three plots
  • You have written 3-5 sentences per plot

Image of the workflow to prepare and submit our assignment