Blockpy Homework Grading Rubric

Plots (25 points total)

  • [ ] 5 points per plot created (15 total)
  • [ ] 10 points if there were at least two different kinds of plots (10 total)

Explanations (60 points total)

For each plot

  • [ ] Raise and address at least two questions (10 points for each question raised and addressed)

Questions can include, but are not limited to:

  • Is this data what I expected? (ex, “I thought it would be numbers, but it seems like it’s not. That surprises me because…”)
  • Why am I seeing way fewer/more data points than I thought I would? My best guess is…
  • Do I see any patterns or relationships in this data? What are they?
  • Does this plot even make sense to me?
  • How would I explain/describe this plot to someone else in class?
  • If this plot seems broken, how would I explain what’s broken?
  • If I could do one thing to change/improve this plot, what would it be?
  • If this wasn’t the picture/plot I wanted to make, how would I describe the thing I meant to make?